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My experience with Dr. Jonas was incredible, as well as the care I received from start to finish. I had underdone a breast reduction after struggling with back and neck pains, and Dr. Jonas provided the best care possible. I was extremely happy with my results, and I am continuing to see him for my aftercare. I couldn’t have found anyone better to have gone through this process with, and appreciate his time and dedication given to me. I love how I look, and I feel better than ever after having this operation done!

K. Elias

One of the Best of the Best…….

Cynthia Cariseo

Dr. Jonas was amazing. From the first visit he explained every step that he would take and was patient with the questions I had. He is very thorough and meticulous. And on top of that super funny and kind! Thank you Dr. Jonas!!

Trooper Games

I am currently under Dr. Jonas’ care and it has been a wonderful experience! Dr. Jonas took his time explaining every detail of what was to be expected while I was in surgery, visited several times while I was in the hospital recovering and called me at home after I was discharged. He made my husband, mother and I feel as if I was his only patient in the world and cared for my health and recovery. Thank you Dr. Jonas!

Our Life Together

For absolutely any plastic surgery procedure – not only is he the best technically, but he is patient and clear in at explaining options and costs. This is my third experience. That should say something.

Deborah Brand

I was a patient of Dr. Larry Jonas about 10 years ago and it was the best thing i have ever done for myself. He was very thorough in explaining each step he was going to make tio bring me down to a Beautiful and manageable D cup. Once i got the bulbs removed I had no pain. He was extremely thorugh with his aftercare as well. I was in a weeding and he needed to see how tight the dress would be around my chest so that it would not effect his work negatively. And like a good patient I trekked this long puffy dress to his office and tried it own to make sure it was ok. Excellent doctor and provided excellent care snd takes great pride in his work. They still look pretty good too 😊

Nicole Turner

Several years ago Dr. Jonas operated on my eyelids both top and bottom. He did an incredible job. Years later they still look good. In October I look forward to having him do a neck lift for me. I would use no other plastic surgeon but him. He is that good!

Eileen Larkin

A doctor of that rare breed…

My 86 year old neighbor saw Dr. Jonas for a skin cancer which her prior doctor was unable to remove.

Dr. Jonas was very patient in his examination, and in explaining his procedure.

Not only is he practicing the latest techniques – MOHs that takes the guess work out of cancer removal – but he has that age old quality: humanity.
He fit us into his surgery schedule. At the end of the appointment, he even escorted us all the way from his office to the opposite wing of the hospital for pre-op tests .. actually going the extra distance.

Well before the surgery, I know we’re in good hands, because what Dr. Jonas has shown is absolute care.

Metin Leggett

After countless searches looking for a competent plastic surgeon to perform blepharoplasty, I finally found Dr. Jonas… and he is wonderful! His office is super busy; however, the front office staff is exceptional. They are so helpful and genuinely listen and respond to your needs, even getting me in sooner than expected.

I found Dr. Jonas to be extremely professional yet kind and easy to talk to. His extensive knowledge and experience with all the latest developments and trends impressed me from the very beginning and I can’t wait to see what more we can do! From the procedure through to the end result, he thoroughly prepared me and answered all of my questions. I now, love my eyes! Thank you Dr. Jonas!

Dr. Jonas is one remarkable plastic surgeon…

Dr. Jonas conducted surgery on my right ear that had squamous cell cancer. He was referred to me by my dermatologist after a positive biopsy. His use of the MOHS surgical technique was adroit leaving integrity of the ear despite the need for pretty substantial removal. As part of the pre-surgical preparation, he connected me with an allergist, whose testing determined a local anesthetic to overcome my allergic reaction to lidocaine (brand – Xylocaine). So as part of Dr. Jonas’ comprehensive care, he not only resolved my medical problem but also gave me a local anesthetic alternative for future procedures, e.g., dental work. Dr. Jonas delivers quality care from initial appointment to medical release; he truly epitomizes excellent care and I highly recommend him.

George Sillup

I am a young lady who has always had large breasts and they became even bigger after having 2 kids. The weight was now so unbearable and i was referred to Doctor Larry Jonas. I was hesitant and thought i could just live with the weight of my breasts but it was hindering me from living my best life. Long story short, the process of having my breast reduction was nothing but smooth. The professionalism, care and expertise were exceptional. Now after having my breast reduction procedure done i can surely say i would definitely do it again because of the exceptional work done by Doctor Larry Jonas. I can now look forward to so many things that large breasts did not afford me.

Lynn D

Dr. Jonas is fantastic! My mother(85) had skin cancer on her face and needed major surgery with a skin graft (in a hospital setting) to remove multiple basal cell carcinomas. Dr. Jonas was amazing from the start with his care and plastic surgery expertise. He explained the procedure, performed a skin graft in a delicate area, and has great follow-up care. The results are just amazing! He is a very caring doctor, his office staff does an excellent job, he is very punctual with appointments and spends quality time with us! I highly recommend this doctor.

Jean Marie McGreal

Excellent clinician, extraordinary results! I elected to have a neck tightening procedure, and in selecting Dr. Jonas I could not have been more satisfied. The entire procedure took approximately 2.5 hours, and was done in an out-patient setting with light anesthesia. Minimal post-op pain, just some discomfort in swallowing. After 24 hours, no pain and no discomfort. I cannot say enough about the results. Very natural looking and very professional. If you are considering any kind of cosmetic surgery you need to make an appointment with Dr. Jonas for a consultation. I now understand why he has a “Top Doc” reputation for cosmetic surgery in the Greater Philadelphia area.

michael eckstein

Excellent doctor! Takes time to explain every step of the procedure. Has a very personable demeanor which not only installs confidence that you made the best choice medically buy are being treated by someone who truly cares about the patient as a person. I was especially impressed that at no time did my appointments seem rushed and was even surprised with the amount of time he spent with me. I would have no qualms recommending Dr. Jonas to anyone seeking a doctor thoroughly engaged in every aspect of his patient’s welfare.

john G

I cannot recommend Dr. Larry Jonas more highly. I have been his patient for many years, as have other members of my family, and our experiences with him have been consistently excellent. His superb professional skills, compassionate approach to care, and warm sense of humor make working with him a worry-free pleasure — so important when considering surgery of any kind.

John Senior

I have been a patient of Dr. Jones since 2009. My experience with Dr. Jones has always been wonderful. It’s hard to find caring and compassionate Doctors anymore. I worked in the medical field for 25 plus years many years ago, and I have met many physicians. Dr. Jones definitely ranks at the top. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing his specialty. Please don’t ever retire!!!!

Leslie Moyer

With my 4th c-section my OBGYN offered me the option of having a tummy tuck at the same time. She recommended Larry Jonas M.D as the best and only option for good results. I was a little nervous but Dr Jonas spent a great deal of time with me explaining the process and the recovery. Dr Jonas performed the tummy tuck in Lankenau Hospital at the same time as my c-section and did an amazing job. My recovery was honestly as easy, if not easier than previous c-sections, Dr Jonas saw me once or twice per day in the maternity room to check up on my recovery. A couple of years later my stomach is flat and the scar is barely noticeable to a level that this summer I could wear a bikini! I would absolutely do this again and I would recommend Dr Jonas for it.

Joanne Lang

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